Wood Blinds & Shades

Wooden blinds offer a combination of elegance and long-term durability for your shades. They work well in virtually any home, can withstand abuse from children and pets, and are easy to maintain. Wood blinds in Toronto generally come in a horizontal variety, although other styles are also available. The friendly staff at Amazing Window Fashions can provide you will assistance from beginning to end when select wooden window blinds and shades for your home.

Benefits of Wooden Blinds

Wooden shades and blinds offer all the benefits of other materials, but have the added advantage of elegance and durability. The wood used for these blinds tends to be thin but strong, capable of withstanding more damage than vinyl or other materials. The wood itself often comes in a natural-looking finish that adds a great deal of character to your home. If you want an old-fashioned feel or just like something that is easy to maintain, these blinds might be right for you.

Wooden Blind Materials

Wooden blinds are obviously primarily made of wood, but the specific kind of wood used can make a difference between your blinds completing your home and clashing with your other décor. Oak, cherry, bamboo, and more are all possibilities for you. Because there are so many choices to select from, having skilled and courteous staff on hand is one of the most important assets we offer to help you make your final selection.

Customizing Your Wood Blinds

Wood is one of the best materials available when it comes to creating custom wood blinds and shades. The blinds you choose can be cut in a specific way, decorated with designs that fit your family’s personality, or simply finished in a special manner that makes these blinds a unique fit for your home. The staff at Amazing Window Fashions are always eager to help create custom wood blinds for you.