Parkland Scenic Wood Blinds

Parkland Scenic in White Wash

Parkland®Scenic wood blinds made from 100% basswood, featuring a mix of paints and stains with a beautiful wood grain. The Parkland Scenic colour palette features whites, greys and neutral tones for a wide range of colour options to complement today's cabinetry and furniture tones.

The optional de-Light™ feature hides cord holes, reduces light leaks and increases privacy.

Parkland Wood Cornices and Bridgeview Cornices are perfect top treatments for any window fashion. Made of 100% domestic wood, hand finished and assembled by true craftsmen. They are available in a variety of styles and heights.

Parkland Scenic Close-up and Room

Being able to tilt your window treatments with the motorized system means you can tilt them open or closed with the touch of a button without leaving your seat.