Miracle Channel


When you have a shortage (gap) not only on the fabric but also on the cassette, you can use the Miracle Fit Base (Item # 1) along with the scored Extension (Item # 2) to fill the gap.

The cassette is touching the wall and the only gap is between the fabric and the wall.

The Miracle Fit base (Item #1) and Extension (Item # 2) will allow you to fill in unnecessary gaps between the product and the wall by scoring the extension (Item # 2) from ½” to 1 1/2”.

Base ( Item # 1) with tape ready to install Revolutionary Problem Solver – Miracle Channel Item # 1 with tape ready to be glued onto the side of the frame in line with the blind Item # 1 and Item # 2 showing all the multi scoring sizes Item # 1 and Item # 2


Telescopic Pole.


cutting Miracle Fit stripstep-2-9Applying miracle fit window accessory