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Bandalux Fit shades feature no-hole, screw-free installation. They are designed for use in window frames and glass doors, and they provide great luminosity in glassed in rooms without sacrificing door and window functionality. The shade is fixed directly on the frame via the guides, avoiding any moldings and giving the handle space. It is a practical system that blends into the room with various finishes: Fit, Fit-Box, Fit-Pleat.

The FIT customized shade provides you with almost total darkness; this shade is installed directly into the window frame with an ultra resistant 3M adhesive tape.

The box, channels and bottom rail are available in a variety of colous.

You can combine this shade with the Polyscreen, decorative, blackout or metallic fabrics.

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Fit & Fit-Pleat Shades Operations

Fit-Pleat system

A pleated shade that enables you to combine two fabrics with the Night & Day option to generate total darkness and Thermal insulation, with the Cell fabric.

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