Max Roller shades

Contemporary building design is using glass in larger more extensive applications. Glazing alone does not provide sufficient or adjustable solar control. Roller shades provide superior solar management, but they aren’t without size limitations. Sun Glow Window Covering Products of Canada Ltd. has addressed the need for large-scale shading and day lighting with MAX™ – The World’s Largest Roller Shade.

Utilizing a unique floating suspension system that minimizes tube deflection, MAX™ is capable of achieving unprecedented dimensions up to 12m (40′) wide by 9m (30′) tall within a compact cassette. This IIDEX 2010 Gold Award winner for innovation is ideal for exterior applications where is can reduce HVAC loads by up to 60%, and it stays stable in high winds with a multi-point anchor system.

• IIDEX 2010 Gold Award for Innovation
• The world’s largest sunscreen
• Exterior applications reduce HVAC loads by up to 60%
• Uninterrupted views up to 12m x 9M