SunProject Tekno XTR Shades

This model is quite similar to our other exterior solar shades FM 41 or Makroll, the Tekno XTR provides the highest level of sun control. The distinguishing difference between the Tekno XTR and our other exterior shading systems is that this system can be provided with exposed roller using or HP Bracket System or with 125 cassette option.

This system is preferably used with T3 Solar Tracks at the sides versus a cable system. The use of this system versus the FM 41 or Makroll, solely depends on the application and possible preference of choice. As the exterior shade specialist, we provide a variety of cost-efficient solutions for a broad range of applications. Just like all of our other shading systems our hardware and design always communicate an unmistakable message of quality, engineered performance, and value.

 SunProject Tekno XTR Shades for Home