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Shade-O-Matic offers the highest quality custom-made roller shades in the marketplace today. Choosing a Regency Roller Shade means you have selected a timeless window fashion. Classic roller shades offer an affordable style with an extensive selection of both classic and contemporary textures and colours.


Contemporary patterns and designs in high tech light filtering screens. Some fabrics are also available in Romanelle Roman Shades and Panel Track systems.

All of our shades feature aluminum rollers which provides added stability so that the shade will keep its shape and will not warp.

Exceptionally smooth movement, quiet operation.

Valance options – choose from Deluxe, Presidente or Double Presidente, Small or Large Cassette, 3” or 4” Metal Fascia, or Classic Valance.

Small or large Cassette – Manually operated clutch system concealed in an upscale cassette box. Roller disappears when raised for a sleek, finished look.

Spring Assist System – Manually operated clutch system with spring assist that make lifting large or heavy shades easier.

Regency Roller Shades for BedroomGS400 Heavy Duty Clutch System – designed for large and heavy roller shades. Innovative planetary gears reduce required force by up to 35%.

Free Glide Operating System – an optional unique mechanical system that will automatically raise the shade when gently pulled, or stopping it when gently held. Eliminates roller shade chains.
Provides precise raising and lowering.

Chaindrive Mechanism – This standard feature has a built-in locking mechanism which secures the shade at any height and is crash proof. The plastic or metal bead chain is universal for either right or left-hand control.

Efficient lock mechanism – Easy to lock and easy to release which has multi-lock position.

Fascia Valance and Room Darkening System – Provides more privacy for residential or commercial applications.

Optional decorative hem styles and matching gimps & trims available to complete the look.

Selection of flame resistant fabrics for commercial application.

Child Safety Kit – Every chain operated roller shade comes supplied with a cord guide that can be anchored to prevent loose cord loops and protect children.

Universal installation brackets which can be installed either in the ceiling or wall.

Seasonal Shades – Available with Velcro or tension rods. Adapt to fit any specialty shade size. PVC Velcro track available for standard or specialty shades.

Most all screen materials are ultra-sonic cut, preventing fraying of edges.

Environmentally friendly – Regency Roller Shades carefully consider the environment for healthier living and a lot of the fabrics are part of our GreenProtect™ program.

Automation is available.


Maintenance is very simple; a damp cloth is all that is needed to wipe down vinyl shades. Jacquard fabrics can be lightly vacuumed with an attachment.

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