Interlockingrock Tiles

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These innovative products create a graceful architectural feature that will “wow” anyone who will visit your home,

The dimensional tiles create a continuous stunning sculptural wall that will change the look of any room,

You can use it as a feature wall, back splash or an accent anywhere you want.

Interlockingrock Tiles

You don’t have to worry these tiles don’t contain plastic, VOC’s and no urea-formaldehyde.

These tiles are elegant, durable and fire-safe product in addition the tile comes in a box of twelve

Low VOC installation kit provides responsible, tested installation materials, the tile size 16”X16” suitable for an area of about 8’X12’ or less.

Interlockingrock Tiles for Office

In order to get the best finish for the tile you need to apply minimum two coats of a sealer and one to two pain finishes.

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