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The Accessories collection is inspired by European Design; it consists of 80 beautiful, contemporary fabrics with coordinating braids and pulls combined to create unique, individual window treatment to achieve your desired look.

The Ecologically friendly PVC-free products are made to the highest environmental standards.

There are several products that coordinate together and provide a unified look, Braids; roller shades pulls, and curtain tie-backs.

Also available are Roman pulls and light pulls, all pulls are created by talented designers throughout Europe and hand crafted in England.

The fabric selection compliments the braids and trims it also includes both the light filtering and room darkening properties to manage the sun exposure.

Braids and co-ordinated pulls are made out of natural materials spun rayon, leather, suede, pure cotton, high quality wool and jute.

Additional pulls are made from molton glass, reclaimed wood, polished with bees wax and beechwood.

Roller Shades are available in manual operation with the pull to lower and raise the shade or a chain where no pull is required.

Larger and hard to reach shades can be automated and controlled by a transmitter.

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