Bandalux Pleated Shade

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Bandalux pleated blinds come in the Cell fabric format, which has an inner honeycomb-like interior that ensures 100% opacity and high thermal insulation.

The Pleated Shade is the ideal solution for small size and irregular shapes or sloped planes.

Adaptability and minimal retraction space make this the most versatile shade.

You can combine two different fabrics, decorative and blackout to achieve the beauty of both worlds,

You can get Privacy or light filtering whenever you require.

Choose your operation: Cord, Chain, Motor, Handle and Fixed.


  • Cell model

The Pleat shade has a pleated fabric with an interior "beehive"-like cell that ensures 100% darkness and excellent thermal insulation.

  • Night & Day

By combining two fabrics in a single shade, you obtain a total darkness or light at any time of the day.

Bandalux Pleated Shade