Coulisse Accessories


There are many different accessories for window coverings encompass various product groups. The colors in these collections have been customized to the colors used in our collections of fabrics and materials, as well as our systems. The range features a series of child safety solutions that can be used for all systems.


The Coulisse Gluing Kit can be used to mount roller blinds with a weight up to 10 kilos onto the window frame without the need to drill holes. With this innovation, Coulisse responds to a demand for solutions as a result of the increased use of PVC window frames. Once installed, the roller blind can easily be removed with a light tap of a hammer. The adhesive will not leave any residue..


The collection of chains is tailored to the materials used in our systems. In addition to basic varieties the collection also includes chains in a variety of stylish metallic colors.


The colors in the collection of ladder cords and tapes are specially coordinated with our collection of horizontal blinds. Eye catcher in the collection is a jacquard-woven ladder tape with a classic herringbone pattern, available in various stylish colors.


Complete the window coverings to detail with a wide selection of cord and chain weights. The accessories are available in three sizes, five different materials and various colors and varieties.


All of the products offer systems that are child safe; we offer a incorporated break-off mechanism.

For system that are not child safe by design, we have developed various unique break-off solutions, both the cord frog pulls and chain pulley can be installed to the system quickly and easily after installation