SunProject Dual Shades

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Sunproject Dual Shading System

Dual Shades allow the user to combine sun control with blackout features. The mechanisms are “piggybacked” to allow an environment to be fully utilized, while giving it the easy elegance architects and designers come to expect with SunProject’s technology. Dual Shades are an extremely customizable solution, please contact us for more information.

Sunproject Dual Shades

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Recessed Above the Ceiling Motorized Dual RollerShade

For maximum solar and light control flexibility, SunProject offers a dual shade series. This is achieved by combining both solarscreen fabrics and blackout fabrics to various controls and systems while maintaining the appearance of a unified shading system. Click below to discover more about these multi-mechanized systems:

Combination Shades

SunProject’s combination shades allow specific areas to be facilitated with additional sun control features whether to protect against heat, ultraviolet rays, glare or to achieve 100% blackout while providing a unified interior look (i.e. venetian blinds) This combination shading series provides the answer to the aesthetically-conscience, who prefer to maintain a consistent look within an office while simultaneously providing area-specific sun-control or blackout features. Follow the link below to learn about SunProject’s dual Roller Shades:

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