How to Select your Perfect Shutter

There are so many different opinion and options from different shutter distributors. Let us show you the actual facts.


Customers are concerned about the appearance of the shutters, the most common comment we get from customers would be “it’s plastic looking” mainly refereed to the vinyl shutters, the customer is looking for a shutter that has that nice furniture feel & finish appearance.


Amazing Window Fashions is dedicated to sourcing the most qualified shutter suppliers on the market. There are many wood and vinyl shutter manufacturers, Majority of them manufacture the shutters in extreme economical ways in order to cut down costs in materials and labour which determines the lack of quality in final product. Amazing Window Fashions distributes only the finest quality of products.

Not Enough Selections

With all the design options available, Amazing Window Fashions also provide you with unlimited options when it comes to style, colour choices, sizes, materials ,complimentary accessories, motorized systems, and specialty shapes. Amazings window fashions carries all types of shutters and all the major brands on the market today which gives us the advantage of servicing all types of customers and cater to all types of budgets.

Poor Service Follow Through

We created and follow “The Amazing Window Fashion Service program”. This program was designed by us, because of the many frustrations , annoyances and hassles our clients were experiencing when trying to do business service with organizations like ours.

Here are the key points you need to know to determine IF the shutters you are looking to buy are actually worth their asking price:

  • Reinforced Aluminum throughout major stress points
  • Solid Louvers for maximum insulation
  • Tension Control Pins to prevent from floppy louvers
  • High Quality Grade of Material for durability
  • Thick wall structure for strength
  • Choice of Frames and Multiple Louver size
  • Uniform, Rail, Panel and Stile sized for aesthetic consistency
  • Heavy Duty 3 leaf hinges to prevent wobbly panels
  • Solid Tilt bar mechanism and stapling system
  • Internal Gear system for maximum view
  • Texture and/or Smooth Finish
  • Made from Recycled Components
  • Limited Lifetime guarantee