Country style vinyl shutters

  • Country-All-Three-800
  • Features
  • Any width over 12”
  • Any length over 20”
  • Real Depth
  • Twice as Thick
  • Wide choice of colours plus paintable.

  • Most Popular Configurations

  • These are but a few examples of the possibilities with Classic Panel shutters. Each combination evokes a different style. Remember, the standard Raised Panel shutter isn’t your only option.

Country Style Sizes

Available Length: Minimum 20” and up (every 1/4”)
Available Width: Minimum 12” and up (every 1/4”)

Pick a Colour

Mix and coordinate colors that complement your home.

white-200-v2 black-200-v2 bedford-blue-200-v2 brick-red-200-v2 dark-grey-200-v2 colonial-blue-200-v2
pine-green-200-v2 sandalwood-200-v2 bronze-200-v2 sage-200-v2 ebony-green-200-v2 sienna-brown-200-v2
potters-clay-200-v2 chocolate-chip-200-v2 lunar-blue-200-v2 burgundy-200-v2 heritage-green-200-v2 dove-grey-200-v2
cranberry-200-v2 paintable-200-v1