2″ Roller Steel

2″ Rolling Steel

  • Rugged 2″ curved or flat slats
  • G90 Galvanized finish that needs no further painting
  • Structural Angle Guides and Aluminum Bottom Bar are more durable and easier to repair than roll- formed shapes
  • Steel Plate Brackets are more durable than stamped steel bracket plates
  • Galvanized hood and curtain can be supplied as prime painted at extra cost
  • Bolted Barrel design for ease of repair
  • Heavy Duty Cast throats are more durable than stamped steel stops
  • Malleable iron self aligning end locks assure trouble free operation
  • Choice of operation (push-up, chain, crank, or motor)
  • Oil Tempered Torsion Springs designed for 50,000 cycles
  • Designed for 20 PSF Windload