Unique Fine Fabrics

With significant growth since 1979, Unique Fine Fabrics is a supplier of textiles and drapery accessories distributed across North America. With strong beliefs in offering value in all their products, Unique Fine Fabrics, delivers high quality products and affordable prices.

With a substantial collection of textiles and trimmings, Unique Fine Fabrics continuously designs new product lines suited for all decorating needs. Developing bold patterns and prints combined with gorgeous colour combination is what sets Unique Fine Fabrics apart from everyone else. With inspiring new and fresh ideas, Unique Fine Fabrics is constantly influencing current fashion trends.

Producing high quality and high value product is what drives Unique Fine Fabrics. With hundreds of patterns, fabrics and colours to choose from, it’s no wonder that Unique Fine Fabrics is able to meet all decorating needs. You can feel confident, that every effort was made in order to produce the best product for your home.