Alendel Fabrics

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Since 1981, Alendel Fabrics Ltd. has been a family owned and operated business. As one of the largest wholesalers and distributors of luxury decorative fabrics, linings and drapery hardware, Alendel Fabrics has something for everyone.

With a large array of product lines to choose from, Alendel Fabrics presents amazing fine silks, cottons, sheers and embroideries. Whatever your design project or specific design style, the right product awaits you with Alendel Fabrics.

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We aim at providing our clients with the newest styles, textures, colours for our drapery fabrics, hardware and decorative collections. Fabulous fabrics paired with the world’s best linings create a protected space that is beautiful, inviting and chic. We strive to stay on top of design trends, and consistently search for what our clients are seeking. Be inspired by our comprehensive selection of distinct quality fabrics, and let Alendel Fabrics into your space.