Following the traditions of German inventors, Hans Schanz developed in 1984 a technology that was a bold and novel concept for a roll shutter, which would be able to follow the shapes of a multitude of windows. The Studio Star roll shutter was born. Within a few years the company became the market leader for asymmetrically shaped roll shutters. In 1989, the company had 30 employees and 4 Mio Deutsch Marks (approx. $2 Million USD) in revenue.

From the beginning most of the employees were friends, neighbors or family members. We built a network of European relationships within the building industry and continued to develop the Studio Star into the now called Wiga Star a roll shutter for glass roofs and sun rooms.

Years of research and development have led to one of the most versatile product lines in North America: Examples are Barracuda, a shutter system for security and storm protection and the "Studio Star" a roll shutter for all window shapes. These fine products are distributed and installed by factory trained dealers around the country.