Fiona – Navy

After 25 years of business, Soletex still continues to cater high quality textiles to trades. As one of the largest distributors of home fashions textiles and the drapery hardware, our products continue to go above and beyond industry standards.

With every new fashion trend emerges, Soletex develops new a fresh lines which compliment the new “it” colour or pattern. We carry a large selection of beautiful colours, touchable fabrics, subtle or bold patterns and fun or subdue prints. Our products have such a wide range, that our textiles can be suitable for window coverings, upholstery and bedding.

We manufacture & convert our own fabrics that are different from those carried by other companies in order to offer our customers more variety and exclusivity. We weave our own Jacquards, Chenilles, Taffetas, Silks, Prints, etc. In addition to our regular line of fabrics, we also produce designs and colours that are made to our customers’ specifications.