York Wallpaper


These beautiful wallpapers encompass a full spectrum of color and design styles from casual to elegant, classic to modern. Dedication to this product is not limited to design, constantly looking for ways to improve quality and your experience.

Strip wallpapers, for example, have been so successfully engineered for ease of installation and removal that we guarantee it.

Long recognized for its collective talent, the York Wall coverings studio maintains a reputation for innovative styling and fine artistry.

Carrying many brands, collections and YORK design series such as Candice Olson, Antonina Vella and more, will give you the ability of finding exactly what you are looking for.

SPECIALTY WALLPAPERS Beautiful wall décor often goes beyond the pleasing colors and carefully crafted artwork.

The reflective nature of the inks, the tactile feel and real dimension of the surface combine to add luxurious appeal to the design. Intricately woven grasses, natural leaves, real mica and cork, dazzling glitter, sculptured inks, natural sand and glass beads are masterfully crafted into exquisite wallpapers for our high-end collections.

DIGITAL PRINTING As the experts in wallpaper printing, York has also created a new sales division to sell our print-ready wallcovering substrates to custom print shops throughout the United States.

Print Media Solutions provides quality, proven wallpaper grounds and media for digital printing of wallpapers, murals and wall décor.

The expansion of digital technology has afforded opportunities in the area of custom wallpaper printing. In addition to our own custom design work, we have developed a web-based custom design solution for our distributor customers.