Ventosol - Lunero

The state-of-the-art VENTOSOL-LUNERO room darkening system ensures the reliable exclusion of light. The SIR-System (Soft Integrated Retaining System), which works like a zip, guarantees optimum guidance of the opaque fabric. The use of a special end profile ensures outstanding light exclusion in training and conference rooms even in bright daylight.

The elegant aluminium box is self-supporting and easy to install – even with retrofitting. For large vertical areas (up to 269 ft2), model VD5600 with its motor drive is a highly recommendable option. The VENTOSOL-LUNERO VD5400 has been specially designed for horizontal use, for example in dormers. With this version, the integral gas cylinder and the standard electric drive, which can also be operated remotely, ensure permanent fabric tensioning.

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