The SELECT-PLUS Awning can be used when more projection is needed than width. The overall width of the back bar awning is reduced to a minimum without affecting the projection through a special design with cross-over arms. Shade breaks at entrances, narrow roof terraces, window niches etc. can easily be covered.

In rolled out position, the SELECT-PLUS does not appear any different than a normal folding arm awning. Thereby, it is suited best for combination with other SELECT models. So, options like cover board or drop-down Volant-Plus valance are possible as well. The SELECT-PLUS is available with either two or four folding arms, depending on its width.Drive is by gear box and crank or electric motor as an option.

Offene Markisen SELECT PLUS S8133 von STOBAG

Keeps the fabric and mechanism safe from dirt – optional cover board
Easy installation with brackets – wall fixing, top fixing or rafter installation

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