Why Choose Roman Blinds for Your Home?

Roman shades or blinds are a window treatment option that is different from other blind and shade designs. This solution calls for a length of material that draws upward into a flow of graceful flows. Along with the more dramatic effect, there are plenty of reasons to consider this solution for your home. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

All Sorts of Colors and Textures

Thanks to the use of fabric to create the Roman blinds in Toronto, you can go with virtually any color you like. If you would like to pick up a secondary color that is already found in the upholster rather than repeat one of the primary colors, you can certainly do so. Many people like that idea, since it adds more visual pop to the room.

Texture is also something this option adds to the space. You can go with brocaded material, patterns, or thicker fabric if you like. Based on the look you want, the blinds will soften the windows or make them more of a sharp element in the room.

Something a Little Unexpected

It’s not unusual to walk into a room and see the windows accessorized with sets of horizontal mini-blinds. You would also expect to see vertical blinds in more contemporary homes. What that’s fine, would you like your windows to provide something that is a little different from what your neighbors use? If so, custom Roman shades will do the trick.

Remember that the material can include a neutral backing. That allows you to use different colors in each of your rooms. From the outside, the neutral backing presents a uniform look. No one knows that colors you are using inside until they enter each of the rooms.

Energy Efficient Addition to the Window Treatment

If someone has told you that using Roman shades in Toronto means losing some of the energy efficiency offered by other solutions, they are mistaken. In some cases, you’ll find that the material used for the blinds is more energy efficient. That will come in handy when you have the blinds shades closed on cold winter nights, since they will further block the cold seeping through the window glass.

Excellent Privacy Solution

Some blinds do a great job of preventing anyone from looking into the home. People may still be able to make out your silhouette when you stand near a window. If you opt for custom Roman blinds, there will be no silhouette for anyone to see. That’s because the thickness of the material effectively blocks all inside light from creating shadows outside. If you want the maximum in privacy, Roman shades or blinds is definitely the way to go.

Call us today and let’s talk about what Roman shades or blinds would do for your decor. We’ll help you compare materials, colors, and take care of all the installation details. Once the shades are in place and you see how nice they look, there will be no doubt that the right decision was made.