3 Things You Need to Know When Ordering Custom Made Blinds

Ordering window blinds today is quite different than it was a few years ago. First of all, you can choose from a variety of materials compared to older-style metal blinds. While functional and proving light and privacy, metal blinds don’t provide the modern look or feel today’s custom offering deliver. Modern wooden blinds offer natural materials with the warmth and comfort of wood, interesting textures and wood grain in your home decor. Blinds generally need to be custom-ordered to insure that they fit each window properly. While there are some standard-sized windows, in reality, window sizes can vary widely.

Vertical or Horizontal

One factor to consider when purchasing custom window blinds is deciding between vertical or horizontal options. In most cases, horizontal blinds are used unless you want floor-length blinds for a large window. However, there are no hard and fast rules to live by. Horizontal blinds move up and down a window, while vertical blinds move side to side. They both offer the ability to turn each slat on the blind to angle it for perfect lighting.

Cordless Control

Modern blinds can be controlled with a push of a button instead of dealing with messy chains or strings. It’s more difficult to damage them or end up with crooked blinds when you don't need to touch them constantly. This feature is especially useful for large window treatments, providing versatility in how you can position your blinds for the best lighting and shade. Cordless control removes the tangling string pull always getting in the way, and bending individual slats. It;s also beneficial for customers who are less mobile or to quietly close the blinds if someone is sleeping in a bedroom.

Top-Down Bottom-Up Blinds

One of the best modern trends for wooden blinds is the top-down bottom-up blind. These blinds can be placed at the top, bottom or center of the window to let in light from several parts of the window. They are ideal for privacy while opening for light to enter a room from the top or bottom of the blind. You can reposition them depending on the time of day and amount of sunlight.

These blinds work well on large and smaller windows, and can have automated control or manual. While you can use them on any size window, they work best for larger windows or window groupings. Sunrooms are a good example of where top-down bottom-up window varieties work well. You can enjoy the sunlight, while maintaining privacy and preserving furniture colors from fading.

For a more updated look and lots of style, add wooden window blinds to your home decor. They will make rooms feel warmer, while giving you the style, privacy and light you want in any room of your house.