Blinds & Shades

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Looking at the big picture.   Qlink allows you to operate a bank of shades with one motor and little effect on battery life, energy efficiency, or quiet operation. Connecting QMotion shades side-by-side not only allows you to cut costs, your shades will operat…




Add the finishing touch. Including fashionable, color-coordinated fascias will enhance both the form and function of your Qmotion shades. Easily mounted either inside or outside the window width, fascias attractively conceal the shade system while adding to the ligh…


Side Channels & Sill Rails


QMotion® Side Channels and Sill Rails take light blocking and privacy to even higher levels. Side Channels help block light from entering through the already tiny gap along the sides of Qmotion® shades, and the Sill Rail does the same at the bottom of…


Low Voltage Option

More power to you. Enjoy performance and convenience all rolled into one. When you choose QMotion Low Voltage Shades, you get the nearly soundless operation QMotion is known for, plus a simple, more flexible alternative to wired-in shades. Our Low Voltage Shades als…

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