Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom

The right window treatment will add a lot to the look of your bedroom. While you could go the safe route and choose drapes that are the same color as the bedding, where’s the fun in that? With a few innovative touches, those windows will work well with the other elements in the room and actually make the space feel more unified. Here are some ideas to consider.

Forget The Drapes

Drapes may be expected, but that’s no reason to default to this decorating choice. You could choose to dress the window simply with a valance. A simple wood valance will do nicely, especially if it’s stained to pick up the hue of the wood used for a dresser or chest of drawers. For a more dramatic effect, consider covering the valance in material that picks up the bedspread color and perhaps ties in nicely with the color or stain used for the furniture.

Choosing Shades

You would still like privacy in the bedroom, something a valance cannot provide. The lines will still be clean and crisp if you choose to add blackout shades to the mix. These shades and shades are composed of thicker materials that effectively block out all light. They also eliminate any shadows that people would otherwise be able to make out at night. Remember that the blackout shades can be lined with a lighter color on the outer side, allowing you to use any color inside that you want.

Go With Blinds

Blinds are another option to consider. You can go with blackout blinds that raise and lower horizontally or go with verticals. It all depends on the look you want for your bedroom space. Remember that the you do have the option of choosing blackout roller blinds along with the more traditional open slat design. Take a close look at each blind choice and get an idea of how they would look in your space.

Consider a Shelf Over the Window Frame

If the idea of blackout window shades sounds fine but a valance seems a little out of line with the look you want to create, consider installing a simple shelf over the top of the window frame. You can paint the shelf to pick up one of the colors used in the room. Alternatively, stain the shelf so that it matches the wood used for the bedroom furniture.

Once the shelf is ready, use it to display some of your treasures. It’s the ideal place to arrange a few books, a decorative piece or two, and maybe even add a small amount of silk greenery as an accent. You can even invest in some type of small battery-operated light to provide a little illumination for a vase, urn, or other element you choose to include in the collection.

There is more than one way to dress your bedroom windows. Go for something that is attractive, in inviting, and practical. Consider setting aside more traditional approaches and go with something that allows your creativity to shine through. Once you find the right approach, it will serve you well for many years to come.