What to Consider When Choosing a Header Style for Your Custom Draperies

When choosing custom draperies, most people focus only on fabric, viewing it as the single most important element of their window covering’s style. Indeed, pattern, colour and texture play an important role in defining your style, but header style is also incredibly important and mustn’t be overlooked.

The header design you choose has a major impact on the overall style of your drapery. Your choice should fit in with the look you’re trying to achieve for the space, and stand out with elegance and sophistication. Headers pull the entire look of your custom drapery together, so this isn’t a decision to take lightly.

We’ve outlined a number of the more popular header styles for custom draperies designed to help make your choice easier:


Pleats are a classic look that allow you to showcase the fabric you’ve chosen for your custom draperies. This style also shows off your hardware selections to create a custom look throughout the entire room.

The flemish pleat has constant fold that retain the flow of the fabric down the length of the drap. This style is also known as an inverted pleat, reverse pleat or tack roll pleat.

A tacked flemish pleat is almost the same as the Flemish Please, but the pleats are tacked down longer.

Ripplefold Finishing

This header style adds flow and dramatic appeal to your space thanks to it’s full of contemporary appeal and incredible volume.

Rod Pockets

This style is elegant and time-honoured. The rod gathers fabric above the rod for embellishment, or it can simply allow the drapes to hang below. By adding tiebacks or holdbacks, you can coordinate your design to emphasize the gathers of fabric. The rod won’t show, but you can customize the finials of the drapery hardware for a more polished look.


Grommet style headers are popular in contemporary space. They’re extremely easy to install because they don’t require any other accessories. They will only work with curtain rods, however, and not with tracks.

Ripple Fold

The ripple rold style header creates a modern and sleek look. This style is popular in commercial projects, but is growing in popularity in residential settings.

The Choice is Yours

The best thing about custom draperies is that you have the freedom to choose a style that best reflects you. Drapery headers allow you to add a meticulous finish to any custom drapery project that adds a meticulous finish and brings the entire space together. No matter your choice, Amazing Window Fashions is happy to help you discover a custom drapery solution you’ll be proud to show off in your home.