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Polywood Shutters FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polywood®?

Polywood®  is an “engineered wood substitute”. The shutters are formulated from unique polymers which make it the best material available for window shutters.

Polywood® Shutters offers wood-like quality appearance, and won’t chip, crack, warp or split. They are moisture and fire resistant, easier to clean, and more durable than wood shutters. Polywood®  Shutters perform better, and last longer than traditional wood as they are made from synthetic material.

Why should you pick Polywood®?

Polywood® was designed by Sunburst Shutters- the wood shutter experts, and offers numerous benefits.

The creation of Polywood®  is a truly remarkable advancement from the traditional materials available and used to manufacture window shutters. It is also specifically designed with the shutter applications in mind, making it the best shutter available.

Why is Polywood® better than other traditional materials?

Why choose Polywood Shutters over Drapes, Shades or Blinds?

Why Choose Polywood® over Vinyl or PVC Shutters?

Why Choose Polywood® over Wood Shutters?

Polywood®  is U.V. Stabilized – successfully tested in the brutal Arizona and Nevada sun, as well as the humid environments of Florida, California, Texas, Hawaii and Australia. Outlasts and looks better than wood.


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