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Motorized Polywood Shutters

You deserve true comfort at home. Enjoy the freedom of changing your environment at the touch of a button. Amazing Window Fashions’ Polywood® Shutters can be motorized with Somfy and be operated with a remote control. . Motorized Polywood® Shutters puts the  power at your fingertips. One touch of the remote moves the louvers smoothly and quietly up or down. You can also stop anywhere along the way to set the louvers at any angle you want. The motorized feature is especially useful in rooms with out-of-reach windows. Further,  they are  a perfect fit for home theaters and large rooms with multiple windows – allowing you to adjust every window in the room without leaving your seat.

Motorized Polywood Shutters are essential for the elderly and people with disabilities, as the remote control empowers them, allowing them to adjust their environment effortlessly.

How it Works

Motorized Polywood® Shutters feature a motor in the base of each shutter which allows all of the louvers to operate in unison at the touch of a button. The system works on radio frequency technology, which means the remote doesn’t have to be pointed at the shutter for it to work. It can even open or close the louvers from the next room.

Remote Options

A variety of remotes are available, and your Amazing Window Fashions representative can help you select the right one for your home. For example, you may choose a 1-channel remote to be used for shutters in one or two rooms, or a 5-channel remote to be used to control shutters in the entire house. The 5-channel remote can be set to control individual panels, windows, rooms, or even an entire section of the home on each channel. Amazing Window Fashions also offers a wireless wall switch and additional options for home automation integration.

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