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Front/ Rear/ Gear Systems

The louver tilt rod is another design element which needs to be thought of when deciding on the style of shutter you wish to purchase. We offer our customers different options, all of which create visual differences.

Front Facing Rod – This system is a standard option on most shutters. Traditional in its appearance, the rod runs down the center of the slats, linking all the louvers together. With ease you can open and close the louvers all at the same time.

Rear Rod – Giving a clearer view when looking outside through the slats, the rear/hidden rod system is designed to provide windows with an unobstructed view. Placed on the back of the shutters, this system is discreetly functional and aesthetically pleasing. To operate simply tilt one of the louvers and the rest will follow. The rear tilt rod is sleek in design and is enhanced child and pet safety.

Hidden Gear System – The ultimate in design, the hidden gear system is a completely unobstructed view. With no center tilt-bar, you can simply enjoy the gorgeous view from your windows. Designed to fashionably fit your home, the hidden gear system is an innovative design for your shutters. Open and close your louvers to your preference, the gear system ties together and works as one.

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