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Exterior Roller Shutters

A standard found around the globe, Roller and Fire Shutters are now becoming a dominant window application to protect homes, offices and outdoor spaces such as cabanas in North America. Countless benefits, the features of the shutters prevent damage from weather, forced entry and fire. In addition, the application of roller and fire shutters offer added privacy, noise insulation and energy saving components. The appearance and functionality options can suit any need, and can be found in an array of colours to create a cohesive look with the exterior of your home.

Roller Shutters

When considering one’s own home or condominium, greater attention must be given to burglary prevention measures. With almost 800 break-ins per daywe offers burglary-resistant roller shutter systems for additional installations or for building developments.more..

Roller Shutters Spec.

Roller Shutters Spec. An overview of all curtain profiles for new buildings: CD 200, CD 200 ultra, CD 300. CD 400, CD 550 Stalufol, CD 70/E. also colors and channel profiles. more..

Fire Roller Shutters

All Rolling Counter Fire Doors is manufactured in Canada. Furnished materials shall include all curtains, bottom bars, guides, brackets, hoods, operating mechanisms and any special features. All rolling counter fire doors shall be constructed in accordance with testing agency requirements and shall bear a [1-1/2 hour] [3/4 hour] rating label. more..

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