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Maxwell Fabrics

Maxwell Fabrics has been in the textile industry for the last 60 years. With extreme knowledge and a passion to make spaces beautiful, Maxwell Fabrics is expanding its collections to meet the needs and desires of acquiring more modern products. Without abandoning the contemporary and traditional styles, Maxwell is growing to better serve their customers and offer a greater variety of fabrics to choose from. Making your home stand-out and shine has never been easier.

Our special talent lies in the anticipation of design trends, and in bringing to the design community modern classic fabrics that add distinction, value, and vitality to its projects.  We never forget our roots, and we continue to innovate and bring in bold colours, textures and patterns paired with our ability to serve and deliver on time.  We continue to share style and help create beautiful spaces, leaving customers amazed at how transformed their rooms look after they add a touch of Maxwell Fabrics.

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