Perceptions Room Darkening Sheers

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Perceptions™ Room Darkening Sheers offer the soft look of sheers with the added light control of blinds. Sheer fabrics softly filter natural light when vanes are open - or close vanes to block light for Room Darkening and enhanced privacy.

Perception sheers are available in a wide variety of decorative sheer fabrics in colours and textures that coordinate with other Levolor Shades.

Available control options

Left stack controls- Left stack For corded operation, controls on left.

Right stack controls Right stack- For corded operation, controls on right.

Dual stack controls-Also known as Split Draw. Controls on left or right.

Center stack controls- For corded operation, controls on left or right. For Wand Control, wand on left and right. Not available with BackStacker®.

Reverse stack controls- Also known as Opposite Stack. Controls on opposite side of the stack. Not available with wand control.

Cordless Wand Control eliminates dangling cords and chains, providing safe and smooth operation.

Levolor Perceptions™ Room Darkening Sheers emulate the flow of a drapery when traversed by stacking vanes neatly on the outer edge of the window to allow for a sheer, clean look that will not obstruct your beautiful open view to outdoors.

Light control

Light filtering- Fabrics filter light when vanes are open.

Room darkening- Vanes block light when vanes are rotated closed.

Available valances

Levolor Perceptions™ Room Darkening Sheers come with a Standard Valance, a colour-coordinating Fabric Valance, or our Estate™ Valance.

Estate™ valance

Provides a classic drapery look while concealing the headrail.

Black Ball

Black End Cap

White Ball

White End Cap

Walnut Ball

Walnut End Cap

Oak Ball

Oak End Cap

Mahogany Ball

End Cap

Other valance options

Standard channel valance- Comes standard on each blind at no charge Valance colour coordinates to fabric colour.

Fabric valance- Valance colour coordinates to fabric colour