Save Money and the Environment with Eco-Friendly Window Coverings & Awnings

In recent years, energy efficiency has become a major topic in home innovation. Simply closing your old-fashioned blinds to block out the heat or the cold isn’t the only solution to rising electricity bills anymore – in fact, it is one of the least effective ones. Some brands are made for style and some are made to reduce energy costs but few are made to achieve both. Here are some ideas to save on your energy bill with the latest beautiful window trends.

Windows Really Matter

Windows let in significantly more solar energy than walls. Minimizing the impact of windows on your energy bill is as simple as proper insulation and choosing modern windows. High reflectivity window films are great at blocking out heat while still allowing some sunlight to brighten the room. Because east- and west-facing windows receive more direct sunlight, all the tips on this list - including the high reflectivity window films - are more effective on these windows.

Awnings Are Awesome

Awnings offer versatility during every season. During the summer and other hot days, awnings block up to 77 percent of solar energy heat gain, depending on window location. Proper ventilation is key to reduce the amount of heat trapped under the awning that can transfer into your house. This can be solved with openings along the sides or top of the awning, which all well-made ones will have. In recent years, awnings have become more cost-effective than ever. The synthetic materials used keep longer and do not need to be re-covered every five to seven years like their predecessors. Pick a strong fabric with a light color to last long and reflect more heat. Awnings come in hundreds of colors and designs to allow your personality to shine through.

During cooler seasons, awnings can be retracted to let in more heat and sunlight, allowing more natural light that heats your home and allows less artificial lighting. No matter the season, awnings are an efficient way to keep your energy bill lower.

Window Covers That Work

Having the right window covers can make a tremendous difference in your windows’ solar heat gain. You should pick a brand that is beautiful to live with, energy-efficient and made from high quality materials. Hunter Douglas blinds and shades are an example of the perfect fit for your window cover needs. Hunter Douglas products are easy to open or close for variable light control, keeping your house insulated against the heat of summer and letting in the warm glow through the winter. These products also protect against UV damage to your furniture and help with sound-proofing through acoustic design. And of course, the many styles and types allow for fabulous, in-style windows year-round.

Choosing the right window protection is simple. If you know your options, you can pick what is right for your needs. It’s easier than ever to get beautiful windows that also help your energy bill with the modern options available. If you’re interested in finding out more about how window coverings can help save you money and the environment, speak with an Amazing Window Fashions representative to help choose the perfect covers for your need.