How Much Do Zebra Blinds Cost In Toronto, Canada? [Updated 2023]


Zebra blinds could be the perfect option for adding a touch of style to your home, but you may have questions about how much it will cost. In this article we’ll provide an overview on zebra blind costs in Toronto so that you can make informed decisions when styling up your space. Whether the price is no object or budget consciousness makes all the difference; let us help explain why investing in these beautiful window coverings could create lasting value in any living environment!

While shopping for window treatments, zebra blinds are an attractive option worth considering. Initially you may think the price tag is a bit steep but when looking at all of the benefits that come with these stylish shades it's hard to deny their value. On average expect to pay between $100 and 300 dollars per standard sized window - roughly 24x36 inches. If your windows are larger than this or if you would like motorization then be prepared as extra fees can apply in those cases too!

What Are Zebra Blinds?

Transform any room with zebra blinds! These dual or roller blind alternatives are a great way to blend light, privacy and style. By adjusting the alternating sheer & opaque stripes you can control how much light is let in - just overlap for more transparency or space out for total blackout options. Get creative by adding these modern window treatments into your home's interior design scheme: it's an easy upgrade that adds instant flair to whichever room you choose!

What Are Zebra Shades Made Of?

Zebra blinds provide a unique addition to any home with customized color, texture and fabric options. This eye-catching style is constructed using high-quality PES (Polyethersulfone), making it both strong and durable while remaining non-toxic, flame retardant and free of additives for your peace of mind. Get creative to find the perfect window design solution!

How Do Zebra Blinds Work?

Zebra blinds offer an innovative solution to control light, privacy and the view from your windows! This modern window covering consists of a continuous loop of fabric with alternating opaque and sheer horizontal stripes that roll up or down via cord or motor. When adjusting these shades you can simply overlap the opaques for less light filtering through, spread them out for maximum darkening – all within seconds! An ideal choice if you're looking to customize how much natural lighting is let into any room in your home.


1. Revamp the look of any room with Zebra blinds! These unique window coverings don't just provide function - they add a modern aesthetic and make an impressive impact in your home that’ll be sure to draw compliments from guests. Transform each space into something memorable without sacrificing practicality or privacy.

2. Achieve total privacy with a zebra blind! They make the perfect addition to any window, blocking out unwanted eyes and letting just enough light in. Dual shades offer an extra layer of protection from curious onlookers while still adding some brightness to your home – ensuring you can relax in peace.

3. Not only do blinds provide privacy and light control, but they offer an added layer of insulation for your home. Keep the heat inside with a quality zebra blind – it could be just what you need to lower that utility bill!

4. Zebra blinds provide the perfect combination of privacy and light control allowing you to choose exactly how much sunlight comes into your home. And they don't stop there - these versatile window treatments boast more than just a simple up-and down function, giving you even greater range in controlling natural lighting throughout your space.


Motorized zebra blinds are the perfect way to add convenience into your home in a big way. Not only can you control them with an app, but prices have gone down considerably over the years! Believe it or not, what used to be thousands of dollars for this technology is now available at much more accessible price points - likely just doubling that of nonsmart window treatments. With installation costs also factored in as well as size and other elements, smart motorized blinds bring luxury living right within reach.

Motorized zebra blinds can vary widely in cost depending on the material, motor type, window size and installation. Typical basic setups for a single Toronto-based window may run from $150 to $400 while extravagantly hi-tech varieties could skyrocket all the way up to an eye-watering one grand! Let's take a look at those factors so we can assess your specific scenario accurately.


Motorized blinds make life more convenient and offer a range of advantages, but this luxury can be surprisingly inexpensive too. For Toronto homeowners, it’s possible to find motorized window coverings starting at just $150 — though the cost may reach up to $1,000 depending on your needs and property type. Check out what's available for you today: even if they seem like an indulgence now, you'll soon recognize their huge value!