Giving Bow and Bay Windows the Treatment They Deserve

Bow and Bay windows are a preferred choice of many because of the architectural elegance they add to a home. Both windows are curved, however, while bay windows have two to three windows, bow windows have four to six windows. One major challenge of both windows is finding an appropriate decoration that provides coverage while matching the décor of the room.

Here are tips on how to treat bow and bay windows with a touch of elegance and grace:

Bow Windows

1. Custom Curtains

It is not easy to find four or five matching decorative treatments for all of the windows right out of the box. Custom curtains provide a great cost effective solution and allow you to show your own interior design style. Here are some creative ways of installing custom curtains for your desired look:

Single Curtain

One large curtain covering the whole window is an excellent treatment for your bow window. It removes the mismatched look that comes with the use of different curtains and multiple hanging rods. You can choose to hide the curve of the bow window or show it. A straight hanging rod installed about 6 inches above the curve will hang the curtain in such a way that it conceals the curve. It also makes the ceiling appear to be higher than it is in reality.

To show you bow window’s curve, chose an arched or flexible curtain rod. If wall spaces are available on either side of the window, hanging the curtain below the curved section will not only show the arch but also allow in natural light.

Center Split Curtain Covering

It is not easy to find a curtain that is big enough for the whole bow window. However, with a little creativity, it can still be given the elegant look it deserves. The first way is using a pair of matching curtains. When opened, the curtains are drawn in opposite directions, when closed they meet at the center. You can add a sophisticated look to the window using pinch pleats.

Instead of only two curtains, you can choose four, two on opposite sides. The middle curtains can meet at the center while the two on the extreme ends cover the side windows.

2. Shades

If you do not like curtains taking up your space, use shades! Besides offering privacy and light control, shades also showcase the graceful arch of your bow window.

Bay Windows

Roman shades, blinds and curtains can all be used to treat bay windows. The approach to hanging them depends on whether the windows are treated as a single unit or individual windows, and other personal preferences.

1. Roman Shades

These allow for light control and privacy. When shades are used, the bay window is treated as one coordinated unit. The trick is to mount the shades on the outer part of the windows’ curve. This allows shades of individual windows to neatly fit next to each other. Different style of shades can be used to create the same effect provided they meet at the edges and are on the outer part of the window’s arch. For a cohesive look, they should also be used on the other windows in the room.

When treated as individual units, separate shades or blinds are mounted on from inside the bay. These treatments should not reach the edges but remain within the frame.

2. Curtains

To decorate the bay window as single unit, the curtains are placed outside the bay window. When open, they appear like decorative picture frame. You can choose to use a single curtain or two curtains meeting at the center.

For symmetry, two pairs of curtains will be a good choice. Two of them will cover the edges while the remaining two meet at the center. In addition to enhancing uniformity, such an arrangement also hides the hanging rod rods and other secondary details.

So there you have it! Some super effective ways to make your bay or bow window shine. For more tips on how to treat your windows or to view options, talk to one of our experts today!