Automated Blinds and Smartphones are Bringing Homes Into the Future

If you told someone 20 years ago that by 2017 we would all be carrying around hands-free miniature computers in our pockets, they would probably find it hard to believe. Imagine if you told them that you could use that device to also control everything in your home or your office from the thermostat to the television and A/V equipment to, yes, even your windows, blinds and curtains? They would probably find it more than a little like science fiction! But, as we all know, Smart Homes and Offices are here, and likely here to stay, so when you next make a purchase for your home or business, you should make sure that you are dealing with a knowledgeable company that can help you bring your home or business into the present and prepare for the future.

So what does that have to do with my new window coverings?

At Amazing Window Fashions, we have the traditional styles and varieties that you would expect to cover your windows, but we also carry cutting-edge technologically advanced blinds, shades, and other coverings that can integrate with existing and upcoming Smart Home components. One of the newest products that we have to offer is automated window coverings that can open and close with the tap of a button, and can be programmed according to different needs in different seasons or even at different times of day. These blinds, made by cutting-edge companies (like Lutron and PowerView) provide interesting and useful window coverings that not only add convenience to your life, but also helps make your home or business more energy efficient and interesting!

Automated Blinds for the Home

In your home our automated blinds can be to shade windows that otherwise might be difficult to reach because of furniture placement, or because a window is place too high on a wall, or even over stairs. They can also be used on skylights for both improved aesthetics and convenience. You can add motorized window coverings that can be made into specialty shapes and they will have no cords to complicate the look and the lines of your home.

Automated Blinds for Commercial Settings

The motorized blinds can also be valuable in an office or other commercial setting for many different reasons. You can use the blinds in a conference room and just push a button to close them before showing a video or performing a demonstration. These motorized blinds can also be used to prevent glare which can make some rooms difficult to use when the sun is at the wrong angle.

But What Are the Other Benefits?

There are other, more pragmatic uses for motorized blinds at home or at work. You can program the blinds to be down during the day when in hot months to lower cooling costs, or you can program them to be open during the daylight hours to let in more heat and sun in order to reduce heating costs during the winter. You can set this up right through your phone or remote so that these actions will be automated even when no one is at home or in the office.

Another great benefit is that these blinds do not have to be controlled from just one place on your wall, like older models did. You can control these blinds through a variety of wireless keypads and via an app on your phone. This can not only add temperature control to the things these blinds can do for you, but it can make your home safer. You may get a motion sensor alert on your home security app, and if you’re not home yet you can then use the app to raise or lower your blinds, giving a potential thief something to think about and helping them decide to move on and find safer pickings.

Automatic window coverings also make your furniture, artwork, and everything else in a room last longer because they don’t have to be needlessly exposed to UV rays that can wash them out and cause them to fade. With these blinds set on a timer, you can automatically close blinds to protect the things that are in your room that you don’t wish to see washed out by harmful rays from the sun, without impacting your ability to enjoy natural light when you’re at home.

Take advantage of these fun, interesting, and useful automatic blinds for your space at home, or at work. They will help decrease fuel consumption, make life more convenient, and look great at the same time. Contact us today if you’re interested in speaking to an expert about how these automated systems could help bring your home or business into the future.