10 Hot Window Covering Trends from 2017

Global warming isn’t the only thing that was heating up 2017! These 10 drapery and window covering trends were making a splash in trendy houses around the world this year. Don’t fall behind the times, keep your house update and on-trend by taking some inspiration from our favorite style picks:

1. Natural Light: Use sheer fabrics that let light into the room and you’ll always be in style. People often use straight line patterns for elegance, but they still keep sheer fabrics to also enjoy the natural light they let through.

2. Use different textures to help create a sense of depth to your room. Different textures, like woven material around natural wood windows, provides a great and interesting contrast and layered look.

3. Wallpaper can be used to offset and add interest to different kinds of rods used for blinds or other window coverings. Don’t think that the only way to make windows interesting is the coverings itself, it is also important to remember the walls, whether papered or painted, affect the windows and how they look. A stark black rod against a bold yellow stripe wallpaper will really pop!

4. Look for something unusual to use as curtain rods, something that tells visitors about you as a person. Use a reclaimed branch, either spray painted or not, to tell people you love to be outside. Use old recycled baseball bats to show you and the kids are sports nuts. Use recycled tools to show people you like to work with your hands. The sky and your creativity are the limits for what’s cool and interesting.

5. Create a wood awning on the inside of your house. Whether you do it throughout the house, or just in a single room, you can use either older wood, or distressed newer wood, and make cool and interesting awnings. With indoor awnings, you can make your dining room look like the sidewalk café outside a French bistro! The sky is the limit when you bring the outside in with these interesting window coverings.

6. Add trim to window coverings. If you are using blinds, but some trim or bunting on the bottom to dress it up. It’s amazing how something that doesn’t take a lot of time and hardly any money can make a window covering look very different. For the non-crafty, look into a custom company that will let you pick your own colours, fabrics, and details.

7. Add frosted vinyl to a window. Most of the frosted windows that you see are not really frosted windows. They are vinyl that has been added to a window; that makes it accessible to everyone. Like natural light but don’t want the neighbors to see inside? Add frosted vinyl to your window. Don’t like windows in the bathroom? Frosted vinyl may be the answer!

8. Don’t cover the windows! Believe it or not, if you use drapes to cover the areas directly beside your window, it will make the whole room look bigger. With more and more condos being built, using overly wide curtain robs or highly places shades is a hot new way to max out the look of your space.

9. Is your room predominantly gray, white, or black? Add bright color to the window treatment! It will make the other colors seem cleaner and more clearly defined, and add some to your room at the same. This also works to draw your eyes to the window, making the room look bigger (especially if you followed tip #8!).

10. Speaking of bright, use yellow, not just as the only or the predominant pattern, but also as part of a colored pattern. Yellow for windows is big this year!

There are lots of wonderful ideas you can use to dress your windows up the sky is literally the limit! We hope you take inspiration from some of these tips and have fun making your windows really shine in your home with the proper use of coverings. Contact us today to find out more about options or visit us online to browse our gallery for more great ideas!