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Alu Star – Roller Shutters

Alutech United is a leader in the roller shutter industry because of the quality of our designs. We have been in the business since the 1970s and have remained on the cutting-edge because of our innovations. The Alu Star roller shutter is one such innovation.

An Alu Star security grille provides everything a homeowner needs in a shutter. This design combines security, weather protection, energy conservation and noise control into a single product. Alu Star security shutters are European-style Roll-up shutters with a twist. Our roller shutter design has been adapted for the Mid-Atlantic coastal regions by using materials like stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and plastic to eliminate concerns about oxidation and ensure a long, trouble-free life.

Alu Star’s features make them stand out for everyday use no matter the weather outside. This roller shutter design will enhance:



Alu Star Barracuda - Hurricane Shutters Hurricane Shutters come in all shapes and sizes. Alutech United has developed a new version of the Hurricane Roll Shutter, called Barracuda. Alutech's new Barracuda Shutter System will give you code compliant hurricane protection in small housings. In ...
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Alu Star – Security Alutech combines durability and competitive pricing with the Security Roll Down Shutter. Equipped with the renowned end retention system, this single-walled slat offers optimal security protection from unlawful entry. Some of the characteristics are:     Single ...
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Alu Star - RC 37 Of the various models of the roll down shutters available, the RC 37 foam filled slat allows for shutter application when an exceptionally small housing is necessary. Each slat is insulated with polyurethane foam, for noise reduction and interior climate regulation.     RC ...
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Alu Star - RC 42 The RC 42 Foam Filled slat is the most commonly used shutter slat in today’s market. It is a versatile slat that conveniently rolls small and with its polyurethane foam core insulates and reduces unwanted outside noise levels.     RC 42 Aluminum Foam Filled Slat - ...
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Alu Star - RC 55 The RC 55 Foam Filled slat is primarily used on larger width openings. The RC 55 is commonly used on balcony enclosure applications, wide screen porches, lanais, glass openings and practically any application that requires wide shutters to provide weather protection and sun ...
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RCE 40

Alu Star - RCE 40 The most cost effecitve roll shutter we carry is the RCE40. This version of the Hurricane Roll Shutter has:     Extruded Aluminum Slats     Optional Stormbars, available for larger Spans     Efficient Roll Diameter - minimizes housing size     Building Code ...
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Alu Star - Bertha-58 In addition to the Mini systems RCE40 and Barracuda, we carry the Maxi system know as Berth 58 with the following features for hurricane protection:     End Retention System - eliminates storm bars     Extra Tall Slat: 58mm - for oversize opening, e.g. Lanais or ...
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