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Side Channels & Sill Rails

QMotion Side Channels and Sill Rails take light blocking and privacy to even higher levels. Side Channels help block light from entering through the already tiny gap along the sides of QMotion shades, and the Sill Rail does the same at the bottom of the lowered shade.

  • An integrated stop keeps the shade inside the Side Channels when fully raised
  • Side Channels incorporate a wool pile for additional effectiveness
  • Side Channels and Sill Rails are available in all standard colors: White, Silver, Sand, Bronze and Black

Considering that QMotion shades already offer the smallest light gap in the industry at 1/2 of an inch and
that adding Side Channels and Sill Rails reduces that even further, you might think we’re passionate about the pursuit of perfection. And you’d be right.

QMotion Side Channels:

Width: 2”

Minimum Height: 12”

Maximum Height: 96”


QMotion Sill Rails:

Dimension: L-shaped, 1” or 2”

Minimum Width: 17 ½”

Maximum Width: 96”

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