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Elite Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Elite Honey Comb Cellular Shades offer superior energy efficiency. Available in single or double honeycomb cells, they are designed to trap air in the centre of the shade, creating a layer of insulation between your home and the outside climate.

There are no visible cords, or unsightly cord holes, making the Elite Honeycomb Cellular Shade a beautiful uniform-looking shade. All fabrics have a neutral white backing for a clean and consistent exterior. So no matter what fabric colour is chosen, the exterior will always be a neutral white.

Elite Honeycomb cellular shades are available with a number of hardware and operation functions including cordless operation, cafe style, dual fabric eclipse shade, specialty shapes, and continuous cord loop systems.

Elite Honeycomb shades can be set in motion if with Somfy® automation technology. Please contact us for more information.

Double Cell Honeycomb Shades

Skylight and Specialty Shades

Available in a large variety of shapes and sizes to cover specialty window applications including, arches, café shades, skylights and many more

Available with the Activator System

This is an integrated clutch locking system which utilizes a continuous loop pull cord. The shade will automatically stop lock in position when the cord is released. With Activator, the pull cord is always the same length, it never hangs down past the bottom of the window when you draw the shade to the top

Elite Honeycomb Shades Options

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